Public Relations

What we do

Companies who sense category and customer opportunity, and rapidly create solutions to address current and future needs, have the means to win in a rapidly changing business environment.

Heath and Safety Communication is necessary for all occasions.  ProWorkN leads clients in the seismic and perpetual shift from a “It wasn't our fault” mentality to one of “what will a customer need from us and how does it integrate with everything else in their life?”

How we do it

In the myriad of strategic options that lie at the intersection of the business, the customer, and changing media, ProWorkN guides clients in framing and prioritizing opportunities by mutual value to the customer and the business. We think through the most likely leading (innovating) and losing (disrupted) scenarios for our clients, and assess the product, service, experience, media capability, and organizational opportunities for driving growth and enhancing image.


Crisis Communications
  • Risk analysis audit

  • Crisis planning & staff training

  • 24/7 rapid response counsel

  • Media/social media strategy & monitoring

  • Spokesperson message & media training

  • Presentation coaching

  • Crisis simulation exercises

  • Dark website development

  • Impact assessment & reputation repair

Issues Management 
  • Media planning

  • Spokesperson training

  • Executive visibility

  • National, regional & local outreach

  • Reporter relationship management

  • Media messages, materials & content development

  • Press events, tours & briefings

  • Coverage monitoring & analysis

  • Risk planning & reputation recovery


Rather, our recommendations set in motion continuously managed activities to create mutual business and customer value immediately and over time. Speeding “time to value” is a hallmark of ProWorkN, as our strategy recommendations are co-developed with our clients by external business modeling, research, experience, data, and media leaders working together to solve problems and accelerate solutions.

Why ProWorkN!

Clients trust us to help them identify the business models, organizational design, processes, and culture they need to compete in this new world economy. This trust is built on decades of harnessing media disruption for business advantage.

Hold on it's all about social!

I grew up in a physical world, and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social.





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